Otona no Dagashi 3 (Dagashi Kashi)

Otona no Dagashi 3 (Dagashi Kashi) prime hentai manga porn


-by Pochi.

-21 pages, English translated

-89.43 MB








Hotaru: “I love you, Kokonotsu-kun…! You’ll be my family’s son on law won’t you?”

Saya: “M-Me too…! I’ve had a crush on you for so long Kokonotsu!”

Tamai too!?: “Kokono-chan! Don’t you want to have an adult relationship with me?”

Shikada really thinks he is in heaven, I mean surrounded by this many pretty girls and they all want you. It’s either paradise or a dream. Well it was a dream, but after waking up there still is a chance for making one of these three horny chicks a fuck buddy. Who could it be I’m talking about? Is it Saya, Hotaru or even Tamai? It’s obviously Hotaru and she is following Kokonotsu wherever he goes.

Since he lives at her place right now, he gets tit jobs several times a day and when he goes to the Dagashi Kashi sweets shop she gives him blowjobs while sitting under the table. What a good girlfriend Hotaru is ūüôā

After they get home from “work” she¬†prepares some grilled beef for him to regain his stamina. Then she puts on her most sexy lingerie and the cow girl is ready to ride a big dick. At the end of this Dagashi Kashi hentai manga she even gets a ring! Is he for real, or will he get her a better one later?

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Dagashi Kashi – Otona no Dagashi 2

Dagashi Kashi - Otona no Dagashi 2 porn manga


-by Pochi.

-22 pages, English translated

-54.53 MB






If you have watched the anime Dagashi Kashi, then you sure know that Hotaru Shidare is always horny for sweets. Well, this time she is horny for a big dick. Who might the lucky guy be? Back to the plot:

Kokonotsu and Hotaru had a little beef and now Shidare wants to fix it. However, there was a clear misunderstanding about what the actual issue is. She has thought that Kokonotsu is concerned because he is not prepared for having unprotected sex (that’s why she has brought a bunch of condoms to the swimming pool). On the other side Shikada thought the issue was that he wasn’t able to tell her that he loves her.

“Hotaru-san’s soft skin is being cooled with the jelly, and it feels like it’s sucking onto my hands! It is so slippery, her butt cheeks are opening up…” and thus Kokonotsu has a¬†clear¬†view of¬†Hotaru’s pussy and asshole. At this point it would be really impossible to hold back, especially considering how¬†assertive this mega hot anime chick can be. Dagashi Kashi hentai lover be prepared¬†for¬†the second part of¬†Otona no Dagashi sex marathon.

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Boku to Kanojo no Shujuu Kankei – Me And Her Master-Servant Relationship Chapter 1-3

Me And Her Master-Servant Relationship primehentai


-by Kojima Saya

-88 pages, English translated

-81.34 MB







“I finally met the master of my dreams. I have to do my best in order for master to accept me.”

Mizuki-kun please put your cock in here and fill it up today. You are a dirty girl Nagisa. Okay, I will screw your brains out.”

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Futanari Roshutsu Mania [Tankoubon Hatsubai Kinen Gou]

Futanari Roshutsu Mania [Tankoubon Hatsubai Kinen Gou] primehentai


-by Kurenai Yuuji

-23 pages, English translated

-30.58 MB






Today I will share some solo futa action hentai manga. Stuff like walking down the street and masturbating can be a real thrill. But if you are scared of other people reaction you can just turn invisible!

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