[B-bishop] Impudent Maid Alyssa’s Business – Nipple Fondling Cum Milking – / 生意気メイドアリサの乳首搾精業務

This is a story where you are milked by your maid as a part of her business.
Your nipples are insistently fondled and she sexually disciplines you to perceive the pleasures of the nipple.
She does not touch your dick, just keeps you on the brink of orgasm.
Your nipples are flicked by her fingers, licked by her tongue and pinched up by her toes.
Finally you are locked up and she forces you to cum multiple times with a faphole.
[Track List]
1. Prologue [2:54]
2. Allysa’s Business – Nipple Fondling Cum Milking – [46:31]
-Alyssa’s fellatio makes you become erected
-Alyssa’s fingers stroke, flick and pinch your nipples
-Alyssa’s lips and hands pet both of your nipples simultaneously
-Alyssa’s toes pinch your nipples and her hands continuously milk your dick concurrently
3. Epilogue [1:13]
Playback time:
50:38 in total
CV: Haruru Akiyama

Release: 2017/06/16
File type: mp3
Genre: lolicon, oral, rape, footjob, handjob, sex toys, maid, dirty talk
Language: japanese
Size: 247 MB

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[Circletakosu] We tooootally indulge you ~ cumming *pew pew* ~ [Binaural Recording] / [さーくるたこす] わたしたちがい~~~っぱい甘やかしてあげる♪~精液ぴゅっぴゅしようね~【バイノーラル録音】

“BubMe” is:
the desiring or feeling of maternity qualities from a younger women.
(Cited from Pixiv Encyclopedia, translated)
The essential nutrient for getting over the harsh stormy seas and raging waves of the business world…
BubMe has plenty of positive effects on your body and mind.
A nourishing tonic which provides metabolic improvement and helps combat weak constitution, physical fatigue and loss of appetite!
(According to a survey by the Society of BubMe Studies). lol
Let’s avoid malnutrition and gain healthy mind!
Aoi and Hinata, two loli moms pamper you so much with a lot of erotic cares, filling your mental vessel up!
Binaural Audio Product. Headphones / earphones recommended.
[Track List]
1. Welcome [2:55]
2. Kiss with Mom [12:28]
3. Ear Licking and handjob [12:15]
4. Titjob with fellatio [14:03]
5. Breastfeeding Handjob [16.28]
6. Lovey-dovey Threesome [18:56]
7. Sleeping at Your Side [4:55]
Total playback time: Approx. 1 hour 22 minutes
konrinya (as Hinata Mama)
Emi Sakura (as Aoi Mama)

Release: 2017/06/17
File type: mp3, wav
Genre: lolicon, oral, ear licking, handjob, threesome
Language: japanese
Size: 592 MB

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[T-ENTA-P] Ghost Castle Gunsweeper / [ティー・エンタ・ぴー] ゴーストキャッスル・ガンスイーパー

This time the Ghost-Busting takes place in a western style castle!
Rain a hell of sexoplasmic bullets on the ghosty hordes and ‘purify’ them while unraveling the mystery of the haunted castle!
If you are defeated, incontinence! and the bulging cocks of lusty ghosts await…!

Release: 2017/06/26
File type: exe
Genre: RPG, lolicon, oral, rape, bukkake, gangbang, horror
Language: japanese
Interface: japanese
Censorship: yes
Size: 306 MB

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[Chiguchi Miri] Gekou Jikoku ni Yarimashita

Full Name: Gekou Jikoku ni Yarimashita
Type: Hentai Manga
File type: PNG
Author: Chiguchi Miri
Genre: lolicon, shota, oral, incest, defloration, handjob, masturbation, internal cumshot, prostitution, gangbang, outdoor sex, tan, glasses, panties, stockings, swimsuit, school uniform, x-ray.
Language: english
Pages: 179
Resolution: 2050 × 3000
Color: Colorless
Size: 255 MB

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[ラチマニア共和国] 腹黒女の壊しかた ~生徒会長・平井栗子の場合~


Release: 2017/04/22
File type: JPG
Pic’s: 215
Genre: lolicon, anal, oral, rape, defloration, asphyxiation, spanking, humiliation, internal cumshot, pee, panties, school uniform
Language: japanese
Censorship: yes
Size: 202 MB

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[MUK] Tiny Evil 2 (Decensored)

Original title: Tiny Evil 2
Type: Doujinshi
File type: JPG
Circles: MonsieuR
Author: MUK
Parodies: Original / オリジナル
Genre: lolicon, oral, bondage, internal cumshot, ghost, panties, stockings
Language: english
Pages: 30
Resolution: 1075 × 1517
Color: Color
Size: 28 MB

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