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Report 03-13-2016


At this moment we currently have some database problem. We are working on it and will fix this as soon as posible. We are very sorry and hope you guys can continue support us.

Thank you!



We know our website has a lot of links died. Please help us by replying in any post you need to re-upload. We will re-upload asap. Thank in advance.

You are welcome :)

Appeal for the website’s closed for a past few days issue


The past few days we were faced some server’s issues caused of all datas error. Howevers, we could access website normally after all of our efforts. We are trying to fix “No Picture” error on website, sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

Thank for visiting share-films
Have a good day,

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Hope we can stand together in this hard time.


Recently we found out that someone has been DDoS our website. However we don’t have enough time to manage and protect our site from DDoS! YES, WE DON’T HAVE TIME TO DO IT!!!

We have our real-life job to do, not just upload and sharing! Although upload and sharing bring us money but it is not much! In fact, we did it for fun or can said that’s hobbies.

I know everything became harder after the SOPA/PIPA, from hosting to the doujin source, and as I know, many people leech our Doujin posts to other sites (maybe include the one who DDoS us ) since our posts are unique on the internet and you couldn’t find at anywhere else.

If we stop posting, we’re all at a loss! We lose money, you guys lose the source and money too.

Here is the thing I want to said personally to the guy who DDoS us: “WE WON’T CONTINUE TO SHARE NEW DOUJIN AND EVERYONE WILL GAIN NOTHING.” So we hope you guys can stop DDoS us, we don’t need to become enemy.

Thanks for reading,

Some thought from SF Team

Hi guys,

As you already knew, files sharing has become much more difficult since many hosting services are closed, search results being removed from google, or files deleted because of DMCA…

However, we are and we will try our best serve your need, reupload removed links and handle request asap. We hope that you can support us by purchasing premium accounts. We can’t maintain our work without money, which means there won’t be any new doujins, and sooner or later we will have to give up.

If you are looking forward to our development, our motivation to keep sharing, please purchase premium account (especially from Uploaded, Rapidgator) from our links. We would be happy if our work is appreciated.

Thanks for reading, have a nice day!
SF Team.

We are sorry for servers’ down for the last few days

Hi guys,

It’s a shame that we had some problem with servers recently, and we had to suspend our work to fix these problems. For now everything is back on its normal condition, so you can access to website without any difficulties.

We understand that the situation now is dire, so we hope that any other websites please stand together for mutual development, we have no reason to face against each other at this time.

All Doujins from share-films are provide without adding any ads in order to share them with people. You can freely use them for sharing purpose without any worry. Hope that we can help each other to get over this hard time.

Again thank you for supporting us everyday, we will try our best to keep up our work.

Have a nice day!


Hi guys,

Today Rapidgator.net has come back, however because of DNS problem we still can’t get access to their servers easily. You can try deleting cookie, cache… or simply wait ISP to update their DNS. We will continue supporting Rapidgator’s links.

We hope that you can have more hostings to choose with their come back. Their data has been moved to Russia so in my opinion for now we can trust them, and we will inform you with upcoming news from Rapidgator.net.
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Our apology for new doujin’s quality

Hi guys,

Recently getting doujin from dlsite has become harder, and we have tried to download doujin from other sites. However they always try to insert their info into doujin files which ruins the font (eg: Hentai4…, hentaiup… and some other sites). That’s ridiculous because they are worsening quality of posts.
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Decision to stop supporting Depositfiles.com

Hi guys,
Earlier today we received account disabled notification from Depositfiles.com for copyright violation. However our files are haven’t been deleted yet, so we are wondering if this is reasonable or not?

The way Depositfiles.com doing their business is unacceptable, blocking uploaders’ account so they won’t have to pay us although we have been working hard and sell many premium accounts for them. For these reasons, we have decided to stop supporting Depositfiles.com on our website, hope you will understand.

Recently Rapidgator.net had some server problems and is temporarily closed, but don’t worry, Turbobit.net is still very stable, if you love share-films and want to support us, please purchase premium account from our links.

Thanks and have a nice day.

We will provide original doujin without modification

Hi guys,

Earlier to prevent leeching posts from share-films we have decided to inserted ads into doujin, which have affected posts’ quality badly. From now on we will stop inserted ads into doujin from dlsite.com so that you will be provided with doujin in best shape.

We hope that this will make you satisfied, please visit share-films daily for newest posts. Our greatest goal is sharing, we will listen and change if that helps serve you better.

Thanks, have a nice day.

Reason why Depositfiles.com’s links are being mass deleted


Recently our Depositfiles.com’s links are often deleted without any inform. Many links which have just been uploaded are then deleted immediately though we have changed md5 for files. We found out that MPAA are restricting their service, making strictly control on file management.
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